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Established in the late 1870s by African American Veterans of the Civil War, the historic Ellsworth Cemetery is the final resting place for many prominent Black residents of Carroll County. Over the years, the cemetery has fallen in and out of repair, with various agencies taking care of the maintenance of the grounds. Subject occasionally to vandalism and/or neglect, about 100 headstones mark gravesites.

Since 2013, members of a local Knights of Columbus chapter volunteer to maintain the grounds, along with help from local businesses and Scouting organizations. Now, The Community Foundation of Carroll County owns the cemetery and administers a Field of Interest Fund to restore and maintain the grounds. In addition, a grant in 2020 from the State of Maryland is providing funding for the continued mapping of the cemetery as well as restoration of the memorials.

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Rev. Thomas B. Snowden

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As with any major undertaking, funding will be required for professional work to be done. Some headstones need professional restoration. We anticipate the need for additional funding to cover these expenses. Additionally, a fund has been established to provide for the perpetual care of the cemetery when the current volunteers are unable to continue performing ongoing maintenance.

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To learn more about the restoration, volunteer at the cemetery, or get information about burials.