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There are many ways to get involved with the restoration project.

Read more about the project to see where you fit in.


There are several roles available for people of varying abilities. Service hours are available! 


Mowing & edging needed on a rotating basis during summer months


Weeding, leaf removal, and general landscaping upkeep


Assisting the committee with researching historical records of the People of Ellsworth

Restoration Updates

Spring 2023
Using funding from the Maryland Historical Trust grant, several headstones were professionally restored.
May/June 2022
Nine VA headstones installed. Seven Civil War veterans and two veterans from World War I had their graves marked.
April 2022
Eleven trees removed. These trees had been assessed as rotten and at risk for falling and damaging surrounding headstones.
March 2022
Restoration survey completed, determining which headstones needed to be repaired and the prioritization of the restoration.
November 2019
Ground penetrating radar identified 182 unmarked graves. Mr. Tom Greul installed white crosses to mark the locations. [Carroll County Times, November 3, 2019]
May 2018
Cemetery is re-dedicated in a ceremony led by MG Singh, a member of the descendant community.
February 2009
Mr. George Murphy continues ground maintenance, and a Boss Hammond gravestone is discovered. [Carroll County Times, February 9, 2009]
June 2003
Mr. George Murphy re-established the Ellsworth Cemetery Company (now defunct) to maintain the grounds. [Carroll County Times, June 18, 2003]
June 2000
Students from Westminster High School support Union Memorial Baptist Church's efforts to maintain the cemetery grounds. [Carroll County Times, June 19, 2000]
June 1999
Volunteers from Union Memorial Baptist Church and the State Police continue to maintain the cemetery grounds. [Carroll County Times, June 8, 1999]
January 1990
Union Memorial Baptist Church leads efforts to restore the cemetery grounds. [Carroll County Times, January 15, 1990]
May 1963
In the mid-1960s, local churches banded together to lead clean-up efforts. [Carroll County Times, May 22, 1963]
May 1940
As early as 1940, we have reports of Ellsworth Cemetery being cleaned and reclaimed. [Carroll County Times, May 24, 1940]

Community Wishlist

Our committee has identified a “Wish List” for the cemetery. This list will change as the restoration continues and the cemetery’s needs are identified. We encourage individuals, groups, and businesses to participate in the restoration. Monetary donations are also encouraged. Please note which item you want to fulfill in the memo line. 


Advisory Committee

Tom Greul

In 2013, Tom joined the Ellsworth committee because he felt the people of Ellsworth deserved more. Today, as the executor of the committee, Tom has created a digital map of the grounds, and his ultimate is mission to get everyone buried there a proper headstone.

Brad Criddle

Brad is a Carroll County Real Estate Broker and member of the Manchester based St. Bartholomew Knights of Columbus Council #9127. Seven years ago in search of a grass roots Community Outreach project he joined the Ellsworth Cemetery committee.

Audrey Cimino

Audrey is the founder and previous Executor Director of the Community Foundation of Carroll County. She serves as a consultant for Ellsworth's restoration advisory committee and lives in Westminster.

Jacqueline Dorm

Jacqueline Dorm is a Westminster native with family history in Carroll, Frederick, & York, PA. She is the Great Great-Granddaughter of Civil War veteran John Wesley Cole & a descendant of the Willis, Hammond, Frisby, Summers, Dorsey, & Dorm families. Several family members & family friends are buried at Ellsworth.

Diane Boettcher

Diane is a Navy Veteran who enjoys doing genealogical research and learning about the people of Ellsworth. She became involved in the research and restoration of Ellsworth in 2020, shortly after moving to Maryland.