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Samuel Frisby


On Christmas day, in 1871, Mr. Samuel Frisby was born to Mr. Hanson Frisby (previously profiled) and his wife, Ms. Eliza (Barnhart) Frisby. He was the fourth of their six children.

Growing up in post-Civil War Maryland, he learned to read and write. He worked as a laborer on the neighboring farms, as did his father and brothers. In May of 1898, he married Ms. Ann Rebecca Bowens. In 1900, they are living in Westminster, in a home that they own. They have three children, two of whom may have been Mr. Frisby’s step-children, as the children were born before the marriage was registered.

Sometime before 1908, the young couple moved to Frostburg in Alleghany County, Maryland. He found work there as a teamster, working for Consolidation Coal Company (which is now named CONSOL). They sold their home in the “Black Ankle” area of Westminster, in 1908.

Tragedy struck in October of 1910, when the wagon Mr. Frisby was driving lurched, throwing him from his seat. He was run over by the wagon, being instantly killed.

His remains were returned to their hometown of Westminster, Maryland, where he is buried in Ellsworth Cemetery. Mr. Samuel Frisby’s headstone has recently been cleaned as part of the general restoration of the cemetery.

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