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Guy Frisby


Mr. Guy Frisby is buried near his grandfather, Mr. Hanson Frisby, in Ellsworth Cemetery.

Mr. Frisby was born on May 13th in 1892 in Westminster, Maryland. He lived with his grandparents there, until his grandfather passed away in 1905. (Hanson Frisby was profiled two weeks ago.) At that time, he moved to Pennsylvania with his grandmother, mother and at least one aunt.

A young man, Mr. Frisby lived in York, Pennsylvania, with his mother and grandmother. He worked as a craftsman, specifically on the molding on buildings.

While his death certificate notes that he was single, he may have been married to a woman named “Daisy”. His headstone includes an inscription signed by her. Also, they are living together in 1910, as servants in a household in York.

He and a friend, Mr. Harold Parker, were in a motorcycle accident on July 2, 1922. Mr. Frisby was taken to the York Hospital, where he died four days later of his injuries. Mr. Parker survived.

Mr. Frisby was buried in Ellsworth Cemetery near Westminster, Maryland.

Maryland State Archives