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George Clements


George M. Clements died in 1912 and was buried in Ellsworth Cemetery in his family plot.
Mr. Clements was the son of Lawrence and Clementine (Snowden) Clements. He was born on October 4th in 1885, in Carroll County. Like his sisters, he attended school for most of the year growing up. During this time, he would have attended an African American school, as the Carroll County schools were segregated.
In 1910, his father had passed away, and the whole family was living in Baltimore, with his sister and her husband and daughter. At that time, Mr. Clements worked as a sexton at the local church, although it’s not clear which one. He may have worked at St. Mary’s Protestant Episcopal Church. A sexton often looks after the church and the churchyard.
Sadly, Mr. Clements contracted typhoid fever in 1912. Although vaccines for typhoid were available by this time, they were not in wide use and its unlikely that he had been vaccinated. He died almost three weeks after entering the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.
Mr. George Clements died on August 29, 1912, and was buried in Ellsworth Cemetery, near Westminster, Maryland.

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