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Clementine (Snowden) Clements


Clementine Clements had outlived four of her six children, when she died at the age of 76 in 1925. She is buried in Ellsworth Cemetery.
Born on May 31 in 1849, Clementine Snowden was the daughter of James Snowden (1825-1872) and Georgianna Thompson (1829-1904). Shortly after her birth, she was living with her maternal grandparents, Samuel and Jane Thompson.
By 1870, Ms. Snowden was working as a domestic in the home of a wealthy local lawyer, Mr. William Dallas. She likely maintained a room both in his home and at the home of her parents. Ms. Snowden had a bank account at the Freedman’s Bank, which served African Americans in the late 1800s. The account book notes that only she is allowed to withdraw funds.
The day after Christmas in 1877, Ms. Snowden was married to Mr. Lawrence Clements, an immigrant from the West Indies. They had six children by 1900, two of whom had died by that time.
She moved her family to Baltimore, where she kept house. After her husband’s death in 1902, she returned to domestic service, working as a cook in a private household.
Ms. Clements had retired by 1920. She moved in with her daughter (Sara), her son-in-law and grandchildren, including a granddaughter who was named for her. They lived on Laurens Street in Baltimore.
On September 18th, 1925, Ms. Snowden passed away at home, which was now on Druid Hill. Her daughter, Violet, was living with her. Sara had moved to Philadelphia, following the death of her husband.
Ms. Clementine Clements was buried in Ellsworth Cemetery, in the family plot, next to her husband and two children.