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Cornelius Bell


Mr. Cornelius Bell was born on August 12, 1865, to Mr. George Bell, who worked in a iron mine, and Mrs. Frances Elder Bell. They lived in Westminster, Maryland.By the age of 14, Mr. Bell was working out as a servant, living with his parents and several brothers and sisters.
In 1900, at the age of 35, Mr. Bell appears to have continued living with his parents, working odd jobs as a day laborer. No record of a marriage has been found.

Mr. Bell then landed a job with Dr. Charles Foutz, a white man who had attended Johns Hopkins, ten years his junior. Mr. Bell started work in Dr. Foutz’s medical practice in 1906. In 1920, he is living at 148 West Main Street as a servant in the Foutz household. They call him, “Neal.” Mr. Bell continues working for Dr. Foutz until his death in 1941.

Mr. Cornelius Bell died on the 16th of November in 1941. He is buried in historic Ellsworth Cemetery.

Maryland State Archives