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Ada (Simpson) Morgan


Mrs. Ada O. D. (Simpson) Morgan was born in 1871. Although she seems to have claimed different ages through the years, that is the year recorded in 1880. [Note: We often accept the record closest to the event as being most accurate.]

She was the child of Henry and Alice (Hammond) Simpson.

By 1900, she was married, had three children, lost one, and was with divorced or separated. Her first husband was probably Mr. Melvin Black, although their marriage record has not yet been found.

In March 1912, Ms. Ada Simpson married Mr. James Upton Morgan. Sadly, he died the day after Christmas in 1919.

Mrs. Morgan worked as a washerwoman in Westminster, along with her mother, in 1920. By 1930, she was working at Western Maryland College.¬†¬†Following her mother’s death in 1934, Mrs. Morgan moved in with her nephew. Mr. Frank Woodyard was the son of her sister, Mrs. Emma (Simpson) Woodyard.

She was able to retire from working until her death in the spring of 1943.

Mrs. Ada (Simpson) Black Morgan is buried in an unmarked grave in Ellsworth Cemetery near Westminster, Maryland.

Carroll County Times, April 23, 1943

Maryland State Archives

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