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Thomas Granville Dickson


Mr. Thomas Granville Dickson is buried in an unmarked grave in Ellsworth Cemetery.

Mr. Dickson’s surname was spelled in various ways during his life, and by his family members. We see him recorded as Dickerson, Dickison, Dixon, Dickson, and Dick, complicating research into his life.

He was born in 1846 to Mr. John and Harriett Robinson Dickerson. By 1850, Thomas, his parents and his four siblings were free. His father worked as a laborer, likely on local farms in Frederick County.

In 1860, the growing family is living near Sam’s Creek in Carroll County. Mr. Dickson married Ms. Adeline Mason in 1875. However, in 1880, Mr. Dickson was living without her with the Miles family, next door to his now-widowed father, John.

Mr. and Mrs. Dickson had at least four children, two boys and two girls. In 1900, Mr. Dickson is living with their two sons in Westminster, where he worked as a janitor at Western Maryland College.

Later, in 1920, Mr. Dickson is living with his daughter, Mrs. Irene Sheffey, and her family. He’s working as a laborer again. He died on Tuesday, February 19, 1924 of a stroke.

Mr. Thomas Granville Dickson was buried at Ellsworth Cemetery that Friday. His gravesite remains unmarked.

The Hanover Evening Sun, 20 Feb 1924

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