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Susan Morrison


Ms. Susan Morrison is buried in Ellsworth Cemetery, near Westminster, Maryland.

Ms. Morrison was the daughter of Elias and Susan Morrison, born free in about 1860. The family lived in Uniontown, Maryland. Her mother, Susan, died shortly after her birth. Her father re-married to Ms. Anna Maria Woodyard, in the fall of 1866. When Ms. Morrison was about 13 years old, her father died, leaving her as a ward of the state. It’s not clear if her stepmother had died as well or if the second Mrs. Morrison was unable to care for her.

The Democratic Advocate reported in February of 1873 that Ms. Morrison was committed to the care of her sister. She is referred to as an “infant,” which was a legal term meaning that she was not yet an adult.  A week later, the young child was “apprenticed” to Mr. Jeremiah Rinehart. She lived with him and his wife, working as their servant until at least 1880.

Ms. Morrison may have died as early as 1882. Her headstone has been covered with moss and dirt over the years, breaking and laying on the ground.

Recently repaired, with funds from the Maryland Historical Trust, her headstone stands once again, marking her final resting place.

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