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Simon Peter Wilson


Private Simon Peter Wilson was born in 1840, in Frederick County, likely near Westminster. He was enslaved by Mrs. Elizabeth Owings, along with his brother, George, and four other people, who may have been other family members.

He was married to Ms. Matilda (Tilly) Howard in May of 1861. They had at least two children, named Lewis and Margaret.

Private Wilson was drafted into the US Army in June of 1864. He went first to Camp Belger (later called Camp Birney) in Baltimore. Private Wilson fought at the Battle of Petersburg and from there was sent to North Carolina.

Following his discharge, Private Wilson returned to Westminster, renting a house from Mrs. Catherine Shellman. His first wife, Mrs. Tilly Wilson, died there in the summer of 1875.

Private Wilson then married Mrs. Elizabeth (Sanders) Brown on the 9th of May 1876. She had previously been married to Mr. Henry Brown. They had at least four children together, living near the children from her first marriage.

Private Wilson earned his living as a woodworker and received his soldier’s pension. He died in February of 1902.

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