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Ann Bosticks


Ms. Anna Bowsitcks/Bostick was born in the early 1800s, probably about 1815. She was enslaved by Colonel Thomas Hook, according to her obituary. Col. Hook was enslaving eight people in 1830, including a girl in the age range that would fit Ms. Bostick. Although he did not enslave anyone in the 1820 Census. He must have acquired her and the others, who may have been family members, sometime in the 1820s.
Ms. Bostick was likely married to her husband, Mr. Henry Bostick, while enslaved. Therefore, their marriage was not recorded in the county records. They had at least two daughters.
By 1880, she was living with and working for Mr. Frank Shriver. Her husband had died by this time. Her daughters may have moved to Baltimore. At least one daughter remained in Westminster.
Mrs. Bostick died on August 21, 1881. Her will instructed that two tombstones were to be purchased, perhaps one for her husband in addition to her own. The remainder of her estate was to be split between her daughters.
Her headstone is in need of professional repair at Ellsworth Cemetery, near Westminster, Maryland.

Carroll County Court records


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