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Will improve colored cemetery (1940)

News Story:

Will Improve Colored Cemetery An interesting meeting was held Thursday night by a group of colored citizens of Westminster, with several members of Carroll Post, No. 31, American Legion. The meeting was held for the purpose of trying to Improve the condition of the Ellsworth Colored cemetery, on the Old Baltimore road, near Westminster. The commander of the local Legion Post, Charles Shipley, was present with the following Legionnaires: Edward Chrest, Ezra W. Harbaugh, Herman Green, and Murray Baile. Mr. Shipley told the group what he would like to see accomplished toward cleaning the lots in the cemetery before Decoration Day. when the Legion again places flags on the graves. The men decided that they would be able to do the work on Wednesday of next week. There will be practically no expense attached. Some of the Legionnaires will furnish trucks for the work-men, and some will give paint to paint the building on the graveyard.

A group of the colored women will be taken out on the school bus of Murray Baile, and will serve lunch to the group at noon.