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Society Seeks To Complete Civil War List (1963)

News Story:

The Historical Society of Carroll County seeks help in compiling a list of Carroll County Negroes who served in the armed forces during the Civil War.

The Maryland Historical Society Magazine, March 1963, states that “8,718 Maryland Negroes volunteered to serve in six regiments that participated in some of the most trying engagements of the war – the siege of Petersburg and Richmond and at Appomattox – and generally acquitted themselves with honor.”

Because the Historical Society of Carroll County owns a History and Roster of the Maryland Volunteers, authorized by the General Assembly of Maryland, 1899, it is possible to check enlistment and discharge dates of the men after the society learns their names.

So far the following Carrol Countians have been checked: Simon P. Murdock-4th Reg. Infantry United States Colored Troop Co. F enlisted Aug. 4. 1864,
discharged May 5, 1865: William Adams-7th. Reg. Inf. USCT-enlisted Sept. 261863.
discharged Nov. 16, 1866; John Cole–19th Inf. USCT CO. E-enlisted May 29, 1864, discharged June 26, 1865: George W. Dorsey–same company – enlisted Jan. 5, 1864, discharged April 17, 1864; James and Lewis Dorsey-39th, Inf. USCT Co. C -enlisted March 23, 24. 1864, James discharged Dec. 4, 1865 and Lewis transferred to Navy April 17, 1864.

An effort is being made to trace the records of the following men who are also believed to have served: Hans Dorsey, James Key, Allen Franklin, Stephen Lightner, Dan Warfield, Gus McClain, and Ephraim Smith.

Those who have information concerning the above mentioned as well as any not mentioned may communicate with Dorothy Elderdice, Westminster.