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Albertus Dorsey/Dorum


PFC Albertus Dorum was born in the spring of 1895. His father was George Dorsey or Dorum. [Their last name has been recorded as Dorsey, Dorum and Dorm. “Dorum” is the spelling used during his time in the Army and therefore the spelling on his headstone.]

His father was married to Ms. Ada Bertha Hill, although PFC Dorum’s mother may have been Mr. George Dorum’s first wife. His father died when he was young. Mrs. Ada Dorsey remarried a man named Bixler.

PFC Dorum worked as a farm laborer, along with his brothers. He joined the Army in June of 1918 and served a little over a year. Following his honorable discharge in July of 1919, he returned to Westminster.

He lived with his mother and worked in various odd jobs as a laborer. PFC Dorum entered the Fort Howard Veteran’s hospital in the summer of 1966 and died there on August 1st. He likely never married and had no known children.   While he used the name “Dorsey” later in life, his military records bore the name “Dorum” and therefore his headstone also uses that name.

VA provided headstone, installed in 2022